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Chief Executive Boards International

Chief Executive Boards International (CEBI) based in Greenville, SC, is a group of business owners and company CEOs nationwide who act as an outside advisory board for each other. Chief Executive Boards International has 12 groups in 11 cities stretching from Houston and Chicago to Tampa. Membership in Chief Executive Boards International is restricted and selective. Membership is limited to CEOs, company presidents and owners of companies larger than $2 million in revenues, or with more than 15 employees. Chief Executive Boards International gives CEOs and business owners the unique opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other highly experienced peers, the only people who really understand the kinds of challenges they face.
In this video, Chief Executive Boards International CEO Terry Weaver talks about the confidential meetings that allow company CEOs to discuss issues, opportunities and problems with their peers in a non-competitive environment where members receive open and honest feedback with no hidden agendas. Local CEBI groups meet four times each year, with all members coming together twice annually for national summits. The goal of CEBI is to help its members find more fulfillment in their jobs, achieve more wealth and have more free time. Also in this vidoe, Greenville area CEOs David Creiger and Tobin Wolverton talk about the benefits they receive from CEBI membership. Members indicate that CEBI has helped them grow their businesses, increase their wealth, reduce personal time demands of the business, break through persistent barriers, solve out-of-the-ordinary people problems, transfer managers into leaders, develop effective employee motivation and incentive systems, and become more focused on results. Most importantly, members say CEBI helps them stop feeling less isolated, frustrated and stressed.