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Carolina Therapy Dogs

Carolina Therapy Dogs is an organization of volunteers who share their special animals with adults in Greenville, SC area nursing homes, the Washington Center special needs children, and with patients and their families in area hospitals including Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital, The Childrens Hospital of the Greenville Hospital System and the Shriners Hospital For Children. Founded in 1998 by Kaye Martell of Greenville, SC, Carolina Therapy Dogs today has about 50 members who make 24 visits each month to area hospitals, schools, nursing homes and hospice facilities. Carolina Therapy Dogs is a chapter of Therapy Dogs Inc., a national organization that provides registration, support, and insurance for members who are involved in volunteer animal assisted activities. In this video, Carolina Therapy Dogs make their weekly visit to the Shriners Hospital For Children on West Faris Road in Greenville, SC. Viewers hear from Carolina Therapy Dogs Founder Kaye Martell who explains the benefits of pet therapy for those who are convalescing including lowering blood pressure and calming those with stress and anxiety. Viewers meet other Carolina Therapy Dogs and their owners including Dennis and Renee Hill and Toby, Jennifer Sigling and Ginger, Jackie Reid and Boomer, and Stan Gross and his English bulldog, Daisy. Viewers also hear from Linda Fowler, RN, who talks about how Carolina Therapy Dogs boosts the morale of the staff at Shriners Hospital for Children, as well as the patients.