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Salvation Army Kroc Center

The Salvation Army Kroc Center in downtown Greenville, SC is an 18-acre recreation complex that is used for family support, education, recreation, and cultural arts. Keeping the mission of the Salvation Army, The Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center “provides facilities, programs and services that encourage positive life-changing experiences for children and adults, strengthen families, and enrich the lives of seniors.” This facility has been made possible by the generous gifts from Mrs. Joan Kroc and the Community Foundation of Greenville. In this video, Bobby Lancaster, a Major at the Salvation Army of Greenville County, speaks about the Kroc Center and the donation that was made to the Salvation Army to make it all possible. He talks about how this complex is going to accomplish the connection between the “haves and the have not’s.” If you would like more information about the Salvation Army or the Kroc Center visit Salvation Army.