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The Meyer Center for Special Children

The Meyer Center for Special Children, a local charity in Greenville, SC, was founded in 1954 by Dr. Leslie Meyer. At the time, he was completing his orthopedic residency at Shriner’s Hospital, and that is where Dr. Meyer realized the children he was treating needed more than medical attention. His belief was that all children, regardless of his or her disability, was capable of learning and deserved the opportunity of an education. Dedication to the children and a commitment to making them happy and successful is just one of the guiding values the Meyer Center holds firmly. The mission of the Meyer Center for Special Children is the same today as it was when it was founded: To provide quality education and therapy services to children with disabilities from infancy to age six. Children who are enrolled at the Meyer Center have been diagnosed with a condition affecting their motor development such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, a genetic syndrome, or significant developmental delays. Students receive developmentally appropriate education, as well as all of their speech, physical and occupational therapy services at the Meyer Center. Each child entering the program is evaluated and given an Individual Education Plan (IEP), which is developed specifically to meet his or her needs. Strategies are then implemented in order to achieve established goals for each student in the classroom, therapy, or at home. The Meyer Center for Special Children is staffed with people who truly love what they do, and love the children they work with every day. Certified teachers provide individual and group learning sessions, which are based on the child’s developmental age and specific needs. Speech/Language Pathologists work with the child to improve communication and address any feeding issues that he or she may have. Occupational and Physical Therapists also work with each child to improve fine and gross motor skills, and Social Workers provide support for families and assist in coordinating any necessary services. Tuition is based on income, and family services include public transportation to and from school, coordination of community services, and assistance with the transition into the public school system. It has always been the philosophy of the Meyer Center to never turn a child away because of inability to pay. The Meyer Center for Special Children is a United Way agency, a DSS licensed childcare facility, a Medicaid rehabilitation facility, and a South Carolina Charter School. The program is also accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The Meyer Center is located at 1132 Rutherford Road Greenville, SC 29609. If you would like more information about the Meyer Center, or if you would like to make a charitable donation, please visit the Meyer Center or call 864-250-0005.