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Benton Blount

Country music artist Benton Blount, living in Greenville, SC, found his passion for singing and songwriting as a teenager growing up in the mountains of North Carolina. Drawing on the musical talents of his father who played in Motown bands and his mother’s family who always sang in church, Benton found his passion for music in church. The lead singer for the group 7-Miles since 1997, Benton moved to Nashville, TN to make his mark on the country music scene and has recently signed a record deal with Golden Music of Greenville, SC. Benton’s band now plays more than 100 dates each year, and has had the chance to play alongside such bands as Newsong, Chris Rice, the Katinas, and Bleach. In this video, Benton performs ‘Carolina’, a single from his new album, during the Oysters Birthday Bash, an outdoor concert event at Oysters on the West End in downtown Greenville, SC. Benton says that working with the Golden Music label allows him to be closer to home and to those who have had an influence on his songwriting and music like Greenville’s Edwin McCain, and Hootie and the Blowfish who hail from Columbia, SC. Also in this video, Benton talks about how he came to record ‘Carolina’, a song written by the Greenville, NC-based band Parmalee, after meeting bands members and hearing the song during a recording session at Golden Music.